David Badley

These crazy times we live in

May 13, 2015

A lot has happened the past two months. In March, I traveled around the world, visiting NYC, Athens, Kathmandu, Taipei, and back to SF again. Around the world in 16 days. The motivation for the trip stems from traveling when I was young with my mom. She’s taken me to Thailand, China, Japan, Taiwan, and other places in Asia, and so this time I wanted to give back to her and take her some new places.

That picture was taken in March, 2015. A month later, on April 25th a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Kathmandu. We had the great fortune of having seen many religious and spiritual sites before they were destroyed by the earthquake. It’s bizarre to think about, but before the trip and even during the trip, I felt like it was great to see everything “just in case something happened to it.” You never know what turns life will take.

The worst part of the trip for me personally was once again the reminder that there are literally millions of poor people around the world who have no chances, no opportunities, working jobs that don’t pay well or selling things to tourists that every street vendor seems to have. Having been to India, having been to China, having seen what the world is to others. We are truly blessed to live in the USA. Our prayers go out to those affected in Nepal.

Here’s the damage that’s been done since.

Its hard to fathom how damaging the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks have been. Having never been in a major earthquake myself, I imagine those in Nepal dread more earthquakes. Its hard to live when you don't even trust the ground you stand on.

The human issue affecting Kathmandu at this point is poverty. Poverty is a major issue in the world, and much of its cause is from the very notion that civilization evolved from political, economic, and social systems that simply do not care for the havenots.

But what is a problem without a solution? I've been honing an idea for the past two years to create a method of income without having to work. Our world is increasingly automated by cars that can drive themselves, all-robot factories, increased automation in literally every single category of life — an income without a job will eventually be a necessity. I finally believe it is feasible and rational, but incredibly challenging. It would revolutionize the way we view our economy in the long run as a solution to poverty within a capitalistic society by taking advantage of capitalism, crowdsourced intelligence, and crowdsourced business acquisitions. It's called, "The Income."

I've also been working on a new idea in the realm of augmented reality and toying with another idea here and there too, but those are taking the backseat until this is completed. While they are still on my mind they have not been at the forefront of my time.

Most of my time is now being spent trying to write a business plan, design, develop, and raise money for "The Income" and make it something amazing. More details will be publically released soon.

May 12, 2015

I had previously posted some interesting things that have happened in my past and expectations for the future. While there was the earthquake in Nepal, volcanos all over the Pacific Rim lighting up, and floods all around the south and southeast, my prediction itself was inaccurate. I am unsure of the future but there will still be craziness coming up as there always is. Be prepared in your home as much as possible for any potential disasters, as Kathmandu is an unfortunate example that anything can happen.